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The LeBlanc Law Firm specializes in assisting our clients in all areas of energy law.  In addition to providing clients with oil, gas and energy industry title opinions, our Firm provides legal services and representation in a variety of commercial business, real estate property and energy law related transactions and litigation, such as:

  • Drafting deeds, assignments, leases, joint operating agreements, joint venture agreements, area of mutual interest agreements, surface use agreements, asset purchase and sale agreements, pooling agreements, exploration and production agreements, stipulations of interest, and affidavits.

  • Representation in oil and gas litigation including title disputes, royalty disputes, contract claims, receivership and guardianship proceedings, surface damages, boundary disputes, liens, tax issues, regulatory violations and lease development.

  • Specialized lease drafting and financing agreements for commercial farming/ranch operations and wind turbine farm operations.

  • Representation of service companies, independent operators and non-operators, surface owners, minerals owners and royalty owners.

  • Filing drilling permit applications and reports with the Texas Railroad Commission and other industry regulatory bodies.

  • Representation of developers, lenders, buyers and sellers in real estate and mineral transactions, including resolving tax, title insurance and lending concerns.

  • Providing counsel in the purchase or sale of businesses, including company valuations, purchase agreements, due diligence and merger agreements.

  • Forming of corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, registered limited liability partnerships, and other business organizations.

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